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Please visit for complete "expose" on this fraud company and its owner Michael Arnstein

Here are some quick facts:

1) There are at least 700-800 complaints registered against this company by aggrieved customers

2) Most of the recognized Color stone forums like have banished The Natural Sapphire Company for its dodgy sales tactics

3) The Natural Sapphire company legally doesn't exist . It has no registration

4) Recently their fraudulent claim over the generic name "The Natural sapphire Company" is rejected by Trade Mark authority.

5) The Natural Sapphire Company Owner Michael Arnstein is carrying criminal charges on him

6) Buying from The Natural Sapphire Company through Credit card is extremely risky process as their CC process is not safe

7) The sapphires which they sale is almost 500% over priced then market rate

8) The Natural Sapphire Company is not a member of AGTA American Gem Stone Association

9) The Natural Sapphire Company and Its owner project itself deceitfully as jeweller for Royalty of UK. In reality they are just the fake replica makers of Kathy Middleton engagement sapphire ring

10)visit to get full expose on NSC.

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I have delay with the NSC for 3 generations.They are very honourable and trustworthy.

The bad people who post against The NSC are terribly wrong.Maharrasta should not be allowed to give such false, hateful reports.


to Mikel #1368423

The NSC is very trustworthy and generous (yes I mean it).They gave me a free upgraded shipment for my new order because my previous order got shipped to a wrong country and has never shown up.

A company that takes losses to satisfy customer is very rare and deserves all the credit.:)

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